Food we use and recommend for your dogs.

We often get asked the questions: “What food should I feed my new Labrador Retriever puppy?” and “What food do you feed your dogs to keep them nourished and healthy?”

Well the answer to that question is really a “it depends”. It ultimately depends on two things: 1.The quality of dog food that you want to feed your lab. 2.Where you decide to shop for your dog food at. Don’t be deceived and think that big name brands are the way to go, often these types of dog foods can be expensive, don’t have the best ingredients in them to nourish your dog and are often rated very low when it comes to the overall health it can provide your dog.

Through our extensive research we personally feed every Lake Country Lab a well balanced diet of Costco Kirkland Brand Adult Dogfood(rated 4 out of 5 stars on, Natures Domain Beef Flavor(also rated 4 out of 5 stars on & Natures Domain Puppy Chicken & Pea formula(rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on because they are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars by and they are very cost efficient. If you do decide to go with the same brand of dog food that we do, we would recommend that if you can, go by your local Costco to pick them up there, rather than ship them because the cost difference is about $10 a bag.

While we do realize that not everyone has a Costco near them, nor does everyone choose to shop there. What we would recommend and suggest you do is to take the time to do some research on the type of food that you feed your lovable lab companion.We believe is a fabulous resource when choosing the type of dog food that you choose to feed your dog. First watch the video below and check out their website and you will know why we highly recommend you use them as one of your main resources when it comes to choosing the dog food that you decide to feed your dogs. Once you have decided upon a potential dog food make sure you check out their website to make sure it is one that is rated at least 4 – 5 stars.

Annie DNA Results & 2nd Heat

Good Afternoon everyone,

Annie has been DNA testing performed for (EIC) Exercise Induced Collapse and (CNM) Centronuclear Myopathy – She has been cleared for both. She shows no signs of having the gene

Annie also started her heat Sept 3rd. We are planning on breeding her to Maverick Mac again via Cervical AI – in about 7-9 days. If everything goes according to plan she should be delivering her 2nd litter of puppies on around Nov 15th -20th.

We are accepting deposits for 2 chocolate males, 2 chocolate females, 2 black males and 2 black female. Deposit amount is $200

Please visit the pages for prices of the puppies.

Annie’s First Litter


Well my 1st litter of puppies was a success. I was able to place the puppies with wonderful families. I am excited and encouraged by all the positive responses that I received from the new owners . I am now ready to announce that I am planning on another litter as soon as Annie goes into heat again. This should be the end of July to the beginning of August. Maverick Mac will be the sire again. I  am almost positive that we are going to try a live breeding this time instead of a trans-cervical AI. Once Annie goes into heat and we get a date for the breeding to take place I will update the web site.

On another note, Annie went in last Thursday to have her hips and elbows Xray-ed for her OFA certification. I should find out the results in a few weeks and I will post the results on the Website and Facebook. She already had her eyes certified and she passed that test. Her eyes are normal.

Exercising your Lab

Daily exercise is necessary for Labrador Retrievers. It helps your do stay fit and healthy. Vets tell us that regular exercise is needed for muscle development and good digestion. I find that exercise also helps keep them more obedient by burning off all of that energy.

When a lab is deprived of regular exercise he can become aggressive, dis-obedient, may chew a lot more and may bark a lot.

I find that when I exercise my dogs daily they are stable, obedient, easy to handle, and more affectionate.

When I see other owners who have disobedient dogs I often draw a relationship to them not exercising their dogs regularly.

Exercising a Lab Puppy:

You don’t want to exercise a puppy as you would a 2 year old Lab. You don’t want to take puppies on long walks until they are 18 months of age. You also don’t want to make puppies jump up onto or down off of surfaces. If you play fetch with your puppy, limit the fetch session to 3-5 throws.

Exercising an adult Lab:

You want to come up with a regular exercise routing for dogs over 18 months of age. I like to walk my Labs at least one mile a day. I find a structured walk to be rewarding for myself and my dogs. I think the walk helps develop important bonds between an owner and dog.

In addition to a structured walk I suggest playing a game of fetch with balls, Frisbees, or other dog toys.

I am sure you also know that Labs love to swim. When you can you should incorporate swimming into your Labs exercise routing.